My Story

Hello! I'm Ami, an "animal communicator" living in San Diego, California.
I talk with animals on spiritual level using the high wave energy of San Diego, the city of blue skies and the glittering sunshine.
  • ​Japan Association of Healing Support, Animal Communicator diploma​

  • ​Japan Association of Healing Support certified therapist

  • Animal & Pet Reiki Energy Healer Certification

  • Animal Psychology/Pets Behavior course Certification

  • Finding Lost Animals using Animal Communication certification


Message from Ami

     So, what inspired me to become an animal communicator? At a basic level it was Ms. Heidi, a featured guest who appeared on the Japanese television program called, Shimura Animal Garden. It was my first time witnessing Animal communications. I marveled at her ability to translate messages between owners and pets that were having difficult times. Her work helped bridge the gap between owner and pet interactions. Ms. Heidi skillfully helped release stress and resolve the confusion of owners. The experience was therapeutic for everyone involved including the audience. I was hooked and the more I watched Ms Heidi the more impressed I became with what she does. I was also moved by her love and respect for animals with whom she had no personal connection. I was inspired by how wonderful Ms. Heidi was at her craft and craved that skill myself. I have always had a strong connection to animals but wanted a more indepth understanding and connection with who they are spiritually and psychologically.


    There is also a more personal reason that jump-started my quest in understanding. Some years ago my beloved cat past away. He was with me through some of the toughest times in my life. I was a military girlfriend and eventually a military wife and had to endure the turbulence that comes with that life. Neechie, my cat, was with me through that experience and much more. When I lost him, I slipped into deep pet loss depression. The gentle flutter of his purr and softness of his body was no longer with me. I was deeply hurt by his loss. To help me overcome this feeling I asked my spiritual counselor if she could contact him and she did. She was able to communicate with him, guide me, and give me insight. Those messages helped and lift my spirits. I felt a stronger bond with Neechie as a result. These experiences strengthened my drive to become an animal communicator. I then started my new journey helping others with the loss of their furry lifetime companions.


So be assured, I fully understanding what the loss of a pet means to people like us. It's a level of relatability few can truly grasp. Because of my love for animals I've decided to provide a mental sanctuary for those like you and me. So please, contact me! I'd love to help you in the best way I can.

Thank you for reading!




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