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Animal communication

What is an animal communication?

There are various methods to communicate with animals. Animals do not have a clear language like humans, but they communicate with body language and telepathy. 

An Animal communicator is a  bridge or guide who can speak with animals on a spiritual level.

Ami is an animal communicator who communicates and exchanges messages with animals. She will ask questions that you want to know what your pet thinks. 

The questions can be "if she or he happy now?", "what do they want to do?", "Why she or he started to act funny? is there any reason? ​

 Are you experiencing following behavior?  

luck of  appetite

​ This is a common question, Ami will ask your pet the reason of no appetite and find/suggest a solution.

luck of energy

Ami will ask your pet, if she/he is feeling sick or any pain, and will help you to solve the problem.


burking problems

Ask why your pet is burking, if there is any reason, and help to reduce barking habits

Frightened by something

Ask your pet why she/he is scared and help her/him to feel safer.

suddenly acting funny

Ask your pet why she or he is burking and help to solve the problems.


Pet loss therapy

Ami will talk to your pet who crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Losing the family member can put you in deep sorrow. Ami will communicate with your pet that is over the Rainbow Bridge. She will ask your pet questions, as where they are now, whether they have crossed safely to heaven, were they happy to became the family, and what was their fun memories. A message from your beloved pet will relieve your sorrow and pain.

They are waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, and hoping for your happiness more than anyone else.

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Animal Reiki Healing

Reiki is originally Japanese Reiki 霊気, a form of complementary therapy relating to energy healing. It works with the energy fields around the pets body and chakras, and involves the transfer of universal energy to your pet body. It helps to ease pain or increase energy of your pet.


Lost pet search

We will communicate with the lost pet's spirit and ask her/him what they see, smelling and hearing. Those information will help you to find or locate your pet.